Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes! I love what I do.  I am very easy going and have a wonderful sense of humor and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  Whether you’re shy or outgoing, we will have an amazing time together.

Are your photos real, can you send me some more photos of you?

Yes. My photos are 100% authentic and recent and I am often told I look more stunning in person.  You can also find candid photos of me on my Twitter page.  I regularly update my photos and these are the only ones I will provide.

Can you send me a face shot before we meet?

I am not able to send any photos of my face as discretion is paramount.  I have a busy life outside of this and I protect my privacy as much as I will protect yours. However, I assure you that my face is just as beautiful and stunning as my body.

What will you wear during our time together?

I have everything from the elegant to sexy, from business attire to casual.  If there is something you’d like to see me in, please let me know. 

Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails, so that I can see if we get along?

Absolutely, but the rates for my time are the same and requires my regular fee.

How can we communicate?

Communication is via email up until the day of our scheduled booking.  An email confirmation is required 24 hours prior to confirm our booking time and duration. Once confirmed, you will be sent my contact number. Please respect my wishes and only use this number on the day of our scheduled booking. I respect your privacy and would never send you an untimely text or call you out of the blue. I appreciate the same courtesy. 

Is screening required?

Please remember that screening is very important.  There are NO exceptions. Please provide 2-3 references, your name and phone number or verifiable employment information. More information on my screening practices can be found on my website.  My reputation and livelihood depend on me safely collecting, retaining and destroy screening information. 

Are you genuinely bisexual?

I most certainly am.

Do you provide for fantasies?

I am very open minded so let me know what you desire and I will try and accommodate your requests.

Do you have tattoos or piercings?

I have no piercings or tattoos.