Exclusively Yours

Are you someone I’ve seen several times and developed great chemistry with? Then perhaps it’s time to consider one of my Exclusively Yours packages. Whether you want me all to yourself for just a week, or need a month or more to satiate your appetite, we can make it happen. Of course any exclusive arrangement would require discussions beyond the scope of my website, but below you’ll find introductory information.

1 week $30,000
2 weeks $50,000
1 month $75,000

IMPORTANT: My fees are for my TIME and COMPANIONSHIP only. I do not accept any money, payment or donation for anything else.

Additional Conditions

  • Each additional day is $5,000.
  • I require a 50% deposit to commence our arrangement. 
  • Each night of our time together must include 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Like most ladies I’ll also need at least two hours for personal time; time will spent nurturing my appearance.
  • I stay in shape with vigorous exercise so I’ll require one hour daily for workouts.
  • Also please understand that even though I value my time with you, occasionally I’ll have personal matters requiring phone usage.